Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Back on the way.

Daily posts full of amazing DIY projects, tasty recipes, and amazing advice.
Impeccable photos of outfits of the day, new shop items, and beautiful families.
Linking up here, guest posting there, tweeting this, giving away that.
Inspiring other bloggers, paving the way for us new girls.
...that's what amazing bloggers are made of.

These are the ladies I envy. The bloggers that have made this journey their job, their hobby, and a part of themselves. The ladies that have the creativity to take their handmade business to great heights, but the confidence to post about those struggles too.

For as long as I've had my blog, I aspired to be like them.
I searched and searched my creative being to find that "one" product that I would make that would bring me success.
I started a  blog, in hopes of connecting with countless people, and becoming a household name like many of them are to me.

After the late nights up writing, lunch hours spent DIY-ing to make a "deadline", and the stress I was starting to feel, I stopped loving to write. I stopped loving making things. And as horrible as it sounds, I almost started resenting and becoming jealous of those bloggers that I once envied.

The whole reason I started a blog was to have a positive outlet, to write bits and pieces of my life, to share some creative ideas, and to be able to make this into a hobby that would encourage self growth.

But at that point I started asking myself why I wasn't "good enough" or what I was even doing writing a blog...and that was draining.

Why couldn't I bare my soul like those women so easily could?

Why weren't my DIY projects as innovative and adorable as theirs?

Why couldn't I experience amazing growth like into having hundreds of followers like them?

Why didn't I write with the passion and devotedness that was portrayed in many of their posts?

...and even if it took me 2 weeks of essentially "abandoning" my blog, I came to a realization...I wasn't them. I enjoy reading each of the above blogs daily, but part of the reason why I enjoy reading them so much is that they are all so different. And that is when it hit me.....that is where the beauty in having YOUR blog lies....being able to express yourself in whatever way you wish.

I may never hit 1,000 likes, or have 100 sales on my etsy shoppe.....but at the end of the day, that's ok.

I'm back on the blog, and have a renewed sense of self...

I am a full-time working momma, with a family of boys that is both awkward and awesome.

I spend my free time building my Tupperware business, spending time with friends, and enjoying the days that are going by entirely too quickly with my family.

I enjoy DIY-ing, but never take pictures.
{and am usually too lazy to re-do the craft to make a tutorial.}

I don't cook entirely fancy great recipes - but I do make some pretty awesome recipes with my crock pot and Tupperware Stack Cooker.

I may post sporadically, and they may not be adorned with gorgeous photography, or ridiculously adorable DIY projects, but they will be 100% me, and for that, I hope you keep following and enjoying this little corner of my world.


  1. THIS. All of it. You are awesome, and I love your blog. Sometimes, everyone needs a break from the blog world and besides all that - living life is valuable. I've learned comparison is a thief of joy. Go on and be you!

  2. #1 you are a Mom. #2 you work outside the home. #3 you have your "side business" tupperware, etsy shop, etc. You have A LOT on your plate! I know it, I'm living it too. Blogging, as a "professional"... isn't for everyone. :) I came to the same realization myself recently, that while I love writing... blogging is on the backburner... I love your blog! AND yay for getting to meet you in person today! :)


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