About Me

Hi! I'm Jeni (yes, 1 "n", no "y"...you'll catch on soon enough I'm sure!)

I'm surrounded by boys. 
A quick-witted husband, a mischievous little son, and a dog who loves marshmallows.

When I'm on the clock, I work as a Judicial Assistant at our local courthouse.
When the clock strikes 5, I love anything DIY, a good glass of cheap wine, and spending time with the people that keep me sane, my friends and family.

My hair is never the same for long.
I believe there is always an occasion to celebrate.
I'm the girl that met prince charming - fully equipped with a great smile and an immature sense of humor.
chances are, you could write a sitcom based on my awkward moments
I have the voice of a 6 1/2 year old but the mouth of a sailor.
My jokes normally make me laugh harder than anyone else.
I believe life is a beautiful struggle
And most people live too fast to take a moment.
...and see life for it's beauty.

The little venture that is Two.Shades.of.Lovely was discovered at the bottom of a glass of Moscato on a girls night.
Kendel and I loved creating things - and re-purposing things, so we put the two together, and Two.Shades.of.Lovely was born.

We specialize in designing deluxe hair accessories out of re-purposed and recycled materials. 
It's taken some digging, but we haven't had to buy any fabric off the bolt, or yarn from a a retail store yet!

We love expanding ideas, and hope to bring all of you a little piece of what we love - fun, different accessories for all of you, usually with a touch of a vintage!

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