Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's Ok Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays


- to take an entire week off of work, and not feel bad about it {even if you don't have many plans at all!}

- that I still firmly believe in family Halloween costumes {I'm going to take advantage of the cheesy-ness for as long as I can - watch out, the Quillens will be Monsters Inc. characters this year!}

 - to skim past political posts on facebook - even if they are from dear friends. This time of the year is tiring, and I'll keep my issues and opinions...mine.

- to spend extra time cuddling, and less time getting ready for the day.

- to save a little money on cable, and catch up on all of my tv shows a day late on Hulu.

- that my average Pinterest Success rate is about at 60% {note to self, just buy dang curtains - painting them is a horrible idea!}

- to brag about my husband - the chocolate chip pancake making, love note writing, rose buying, anniversary surprising, handsome, sarcastic, witty man that he is!

- not to open the door for the FedEx guy...not because you don't hear him, but because you're in your pajamas!

And's ok to listen to Oprah, and surround yourself only with people that are going to bring you higher.


  1. You had me at an Oprah that! I'm here from the link up!



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