Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Banana Splits vs. Dirty Dishes


Some days I find (or rather, think I have found) balance.
I am able to get up out of bed (on time, rarely), give my boys a little smooch, head to work (in a semi put together outfit), work, come home un-exhausted (I warned you, I make up words), smooch above referenced husband off to work, feed and bathe Noah, and manage to complete other wifely, blogging, and life duties before 11pm.

And other days, like today...not so much.

I can barely manage to make it to work on time (not to mention sporting horribly not-so-cute shoes), have a heart wrenching time leaving a crying baby boy (something about recent phrase of "mama no" in the morning makes it all too easy to stay home), change into pajamas the second I walk in from work, and spend the evening eating dinner in the form of fresh apples off the tree and picking tomatoes out of the garden, succumbing to Noah's begging to go "ow-siiiiiiiiie".

...and it feels amazing.

Sure, there are dishes in the sink, and sticky messes on the floor.
Laundry to be done, and rooms to be cleaned.
But today, it was ok to be a little unbalanced - to eat a banana split for dessert instead of folding laundry, to watch a little late night "Lorax" instead of mopping floors. 

One of these days that balance will find me. I'll be that mom in the grocery store, with perfect hair, a seemingly well-behaved little one, grocery list in order, and grace about her ways...

...but until then, you may catch me on my A-game of preparedness - but you're more than likely to see me in the grocery store with a frantic look about me (probably wearing gym clothes - NOT after working out), with a grumpy child, scrambling to find my coupons, and bordering meltdown in the produce section.

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  1. I need to accept being a little is sometimes a hard concept for me ;)

  2. I am un-balanced and I am a stay-at-home mom, so way to go you for doing ti all. Madison(my 2 yr old) is NEVER good in the Grocery store, ever.

  3. It's nice to read about other people feeling unbalanced. I feel unbalanced all the time between work, school, family, etc. I have a hard time accepting it sometimes too! It's nice to know others feel unbalanced at times too.

  4. As hard as it can be to accept, we're all probably a little unbalanced. The more I compare myself to people, the more unbalanced I seem in my own eyes. When it comes to what we allow others to see, it's easier to give the illusion of having it together. Thanks for being open and letting your bloggy friends know you're "unbalanced". That's probably why we like you. ;o)

  5. Great post and mostly because I can relate! Don't worry you are not alone! I feel this way a lot! I just convince myself it's normal so that I don't feel guilty about it ;o)

  6. I can totally relate to this! This is so true. Some days you got it all together and some days you and your kid eat french fries and cookies in your pajamas while the dishes pile up lol! I think I spent the first year of my sons life comparing myself to so many other seemingly "perfect" moms to only realize that we all have our days and we all feel the same. Its totally ok and normal to have off days...if you can even call them that. I cherish the moments I can snuggle with my son and wear pajamas all day because I know I will miss that so much one day. Thanks for sharing!


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