Monday, July 2, 2012

Photo.a.Day.June Recap

So many great things have come out of starting up this little blog.
My love of chevron, knowing what hash-tags really mean, meeting some wonderful people, and discovering some of my new favorite shoppes!

But perhaps one of the best things I've come across is FatMumSlim's Photo-a-Day challenges! I kind of (well ok, really) am bad at them, but I try and keep up, and have fun checking out how other people capture each day's photo!

Here's a little re-cap of some of my June Pictures.....I missed about 5 days, but let's see how July's list holds up - I'm 2 for 2 so far!!

 While you're here - be sure to head on over to The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife - and get signed up for the jewelry swap! Click the picture to get started!

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  1. Just found you via a giveaway and am happily following :)

  2. I love photo a day posts! These are really pretty(:

    1. It's getting easier for me to keep up with them - that's for sure! Thanks for coming by =)


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