Thursday, June 28, 2012

{Guest Post} Gluten/Dairy Free Chicken and Rice Stir Fry

Happy Thursday Everyone!
I'm so excited to have my buddy Jess from Jess Is More guest posting today! 
I just recently found out I must eat a dairy free and gluten free diet. It has had me in a bit of a funk, it's harder than I thought to find great things that aren't smothered in cheese or fluffy and full of gluten!
Jess always has the best recipes on her page, and today, she is sharing with all of us, a great, easy, yummy gluten and dairy free dish!

I know what I'm having for dinner tomorrow!

Hi there, wonderful Two Shades of Lovely Readers! How are you today? I'm Jess and I blog over at Jess Is More.  It's my little corner of the world were I document my quest to get the most out of this precious life {after I've had a cup of coffee, of course!}

I met the fantastic Jeni when I was her blogger-swapee for a secret blogger swap that Danielle was hosting.  Boy, she was an excellent stalker -- and she got me some amazing things!  Check it out here.

When Jeni asked me to share a gluten & dairy free recipe with you today, I was so pumped!  My little brother has celiac disease so he has to live gluten free.  The thing I never realized about gluten is that it's in just about EVERYTHING we eat.  Switching to a GF lifestyle is so tough and it often goes hand-in-hand with a dairy-free diet due to a variety of reasons including allergies.  

I wanted to make a meal that was naturally gluten and dairy free with no 'fake' or weird ingredients that you could get at your local store.  Most importantly, I wanted something that a lot of us eat all the time.  Enter:  Chinese Food! (nom nom nom)  

This meal is so quick, easy, and delicious! 

Gluten & Dairy-Free Chicken Fried Rice
Serves 4 

What You Need
3 chicken breasts, sliced 
2 tbsp sesame oil 
Salt & Pepper to taste
4 cups cooked white rice 
[I highly recommend a rice cooker]
1 small yellow onion, diced
1 cup frozen peas
1 cup shredded carrots
1 cup bean sprouts
1 handfull fresh cilantro, chopped
2 scallions, chopped 
1/2 cup gluten free soy sauce 
[for a spicy/teryaki version, switch up your sauce] 

**Check your soy sauce label to make sure it doesn't have wheat / starch (my brother also stays away from maltodextrin - which is either corn, potato or wheat starch {companies don't have to label which one it is}).  I found a true GF and low-sodium version at my local market.** 

**Exchange the chicken for a cup of cooked and shelled edamame (soy beans) for a delicious vegan version, too!**

How to Make It 

Preheat 2 tbsps sesame oil in a large Wok or deep pan
Saute chicken over medium-high heat until cooked through (add S&P to taste)
Remove chicken

In the same pan, add onion and cooked until tender
add the peas and carrots
Then, add the cooked rice and soy sauce - mix well
Last but not least - add the chicken and sprouts

Top with a little cilatro, scallions, or some sriracha sauce & enjoy!

Oh.So.Easy. YUM! 

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A HUGE thanks to Jeni for letting me share this recipe with you.  I hope you gobble it up just like I did! 

If you are living gluten or dairy free, think of your favorite recipes and come up with a way to reinvent them.  Don't deny yourself the stuff you love!  Have a beautiful day! 

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