Monday, April 16, 2012

Paper Mama Photo Challenge - "Family"

Being new to the "blog world' - Kendel and I made an oath - to try and put ourselves out there - enter contests that we wouldn't usually enter, write emails to "veteran" bloggers for ideas and help, and even do a fair share of blog stalking and self-promoting!

This week - I'm entering Paper Mama's Weekly Photo Challenge. The theme is "family". The past two years have been quite the ride for me (becoming a Mrs., becoming a momma, and moving....twice among other things!) and through it all, my two boys, my husband and son have kept me sane - whether it is by their usual hi-jinx, my husband's sarcastic sense of humor or a much needed cuddle session while watching YoGabbaGabba.

With all of life's busy times, it is hard to take a moment to just stop and capture a memory (let alone, get a 15 month old to stop moving long enough to capture a picture!) but this picture sums up our family in a single snap shot.  On a sunny day in a local historical town, Jacksonville - we were able to get this shot. I have it hung above my desk at work - something about that little Noah smile can brighten even the worst of days!

Even in beginning this new journey with my friend Kendel in what is "Two Shades of Lovely" - the support from my husband has been amazing. He is happy to see me using some of my free time to do what I love doing (even if he doesn't understand why we won't use him as a model for our hair bows and headbands!) - and Noah is in full support too - he is always as happy as can be when fabric scraps are left for him to play with and hide!



  1. You guys are adorable!

    (Welcome to Blogland!)

  2. Thanks guys!
    And Paige, you are amazing! Thanks again for all of your help!


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