Monday, April 16, 2012

A touch of the Case of the Mondays

The alarm clock went off at 5:45 this morning
....and I rolled out of bed at 6:38 
awoken by the sound of a giggling little boy awake and ready to start his day the next room.
I had 45 minutes before I had to leave - hair a mess, lunches not packed, and no idea what to wear.
...It was one of those mornings.

Six years of working 8am-5pm and you'd think I'd become a morning person.... and if that didn't do the trick, you'd think becoming a mother too would help evolve me into a morning person, but alas, I'm a sucker for sleeping in and staying up late!

A SugarFree Raspberry-Lime Redbull and some carbs to keep me sane at work!

The day did not really take a turn for the better until 5:01pm. Work was a madhouse, as the courthouse usually is on Mondays and my high heels earned some serious mileage running from courtroom to courtroom today. My allergies were in full force today - and sneezing while the judge is talking adds a little "awkward" to my day, as did the trip in the crowded hallway (pretty standard in my day to day life) and the lack of mascara that I did not notice until 4pm..

It was a Monday
If any of you have ever indulged in watching "Office Space" you too understand what I mean when I tell you, this truly was a day where I was having a "Case of the Mondays".

Is it 5:00 yet?!

...but then, it all turned around when I picked up my goofy grinning, silly boy from daycare.

That little smile, those little hugs, and his little holding onto my hair for comfort was just the bit of splendor I needed to end an otherwise awkward, "let's start over" sort of day!

My silly little man!
Bring on Tuesday!

xoxo, Jeni

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  1. Loved reading about both of you!

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