Thursday, April 12, 2012

Meet What is Two.Shades.Of.Lovely!

Two girls.
Who couldn't be more different.
Yet share the same dream....
to create hand-made one of a kind accessories. spend our free time doing something we love!

Meet Kendel.
A 25 year old
Juvenile Justice Counselor
newly engaged to her 
English-accented Prince Charming.
She's obsessed with a killer pair of heels,
sleeping in and would trade in a briefcase for
her sewing machine and hot glue gun any day!

And then there's 
A new wife, and mom
She is a 25 year old
Judicial Assistant who 
finds peace in crafting.
She loves road trips,
trashy reality TV, receiving snail mail
 and big hair.

We met one year ago, and our friendship and ideas have grown and evolved since. Countless glasses of cheap wine later {Barefoot Moscato anyone?!} , Two.Shades.Of.Lovely was born! You will hear about our journey into the world of small business and blogging, our crafting and life disasters and triumphs, about the good and the bad, and we hope you love every minute of it! Any helpful tips from you veterans (our role models) would be appreciated, and we look forward to talking with all of you!

Visit our Facebook and Etsy page to join us in our new journey that is Two.Shades.Of.Lovely!


  1. Best of luck to you two and enjoy the ride! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog :).


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