Sunday, October 14, 2012


*It took me a very long time to post this....and by long time, I mean about 3 weeks. Although many people do not read my blog, some of those that do are friends of mine outside of "blog land." I am trying to overcome many of the insecurities that I have - and writing about them has been a tremendously freeing experience. But I will also admit, another insecurity of mine is appearing vulnerable - and exposing some of my feelings, especially to those that are close to me.*

I may be alone on this one - but it seems like between a marriage, work, family, and the other "little things" we call life, it is hard to build strong friendships. Sure, I have friends. Friends that I care about dearly, and would go to the end of the earth for in fact.

But there was a time when I had a very close group of girlfriends. Girls that I knew I could trust with world, knew I could count on, and knew I could go to for spur of the moment shopping trips or boy advice. As I grow older, I feel like that sense of security in having a "best friend' has gone, and although I have a close group of people that I love dearly, I still miss that feeling of having a "best friend".

I feel like I'm missing the friend that you can call any time.
 {and at the drop of a hat will meet you for sushi or shopping.}
The friend that knows you inside and out. 
{and can tell you what's wrong with you probably even before you can.}
The friend that shows up to your doorstep  after a rough day. 
{wine and cookie dough in hand .}
The friend that spend nights in with you.
 {when you need a night off.} 
and will shake it til' the break of dawn with you. 
{when you just need to go out.}
The friend who has kept secrets safe for years. 
{even when you did something horribly stupid.}



  1. AMEN! I know exactly how you feel! After I got married my best friends stopped coming over or wanting to hang out (a couple of them were married too BTW) and now that I have a baby, I don't get any calls or texts or anything - but I guess at least I have my daughter i can talk to ;)

  2. So good to know that I'm not the only one. Thank you so much for opening up and posting this. I feel like life after marriage (and can't even imagine adding kids to the mix) and moving to a new place hasn't lent itself to good friends. The ultimate question is...what do you do? How do you change it?


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