Friday, September 14, 2012

Husbands Need Love Too! {Link-Up!}

Every household has a "rock".
A rock is the person that remains calm in the face of chaos.
Soothes those that are edging toward meltdown or sucummbing to stress.
Stops at nothing to ensure their family is taken care of and provided for.
Provides a sense of security and well-being for everyone in that house.
And is steady - always someone you can count on.

Commonly, when I think of that "rock" I usually think of the mother of the house. The rock is the woman that cooks, cleans, runs children from point A to point B, all while remaining put together and organized. 

I, am not that rock.
It took me a long time to come to terms with this - I struggled with the feeling of failing, that I was not doing my job as a wife or mother, if I did not feel like I was the rock of our household....that is, until I realized that our household is not without that "rock" is just not me.

My husband is our rock.

My best friend, my husband, and a strong contender for the best father in the universe.

He overcomes some of the largest obstacles we have faced with ease and grace.
He loves with a heart that is full of unconditional love and understanding.
He never goes a day without having fun (perhaps one of the greatest qualities of his I admire).

I fell head over heels for my husband, when his jokes kept me laughing, his charm kept me smiling, and his wit kept me on my toes (it didn't hurt that he wasn't hard on the eyes either!). And years later, I fall in love a little more everyday, especially when I get to watch him with our son.

Something changes in a man when they become a father - and although he still doles out his sarcastic remarks and is never above a good fart joke, there is a new softness to him - a little glimmer in his eyes when he tucks in our son or reads him a bedtime story - and that quality alone reminds me of what a great husband I was blessed with.

Life gets busy - and often times these little things go seemingly unnoticed. As I write about my life in my blog, I hardly ever mention - that while I'm running from place to place to finish up a DIY project, taking part in craft bazaars, or stressing about upcoming events, that it's my husband that steps it up - cooking meals, cleaning the house, taking on every role imagineable. He may not be mentioned on the blog often, but without him, I wouldn't be able to take a little time out now and again to write a post or two, delve into another hobby or project, or have any me time.

To this day, I can't be quite certain what I did right to end up with a good looking, witty, genuine, sweet honest husband that bakes pies at random, spends hours planning perfect evenings for the two of us, and can make my son giggle like he doesn't do for anyone else - but I won't fight it ;)

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  1. Aww, I know what you mean about the "softness"... my hubby is like that, too with our 2 boys, it melts my heart! :)

  2. You have a lovely family! I'm your newest follower! Stop by

  3. This was a delightful post and I think it's great that your husband is the Rock of your household. What a wonderful, precious, blessing. So happy for you!

  4. This is such an awesome idea! love your blog! new follower! cant wait to read more!
    misty @

  5. That was amazing. I love hearing you and all of these other women talking so highly about their husbands...your husband sounds like a great man :)

  6. Aweee! So, so , so sweet! I absolutely love this post, he sounds like a wonderful man and you praised him so well! :) Thanks so much for co-hosting with me this month!

  7. so awesome that you'd dedicate this post to your husband! me and my husband don't have kids yet, but i know that when we do it'll be so exciting see how much we both change! and yes, i agree with you, my husband is my rock, too :)

    enjoying following your blog now!
    have a great week!



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