Friday, July 27, 2012

It's O.K......Friday?

My cheery mood from my Friday's Letters post has quickly declined. You know those rockin' interview outfits? Well they must not have rocked hard enough - it turns out that I did not get the job.
Now, I have a job. In fact, I have a very steady job that locally is considered a "good one". But this was a great job. A job actually coordinating a local treatment court program....and I wanted it, bad.

In honor of the cute little "It's Ok Thursday" - I am posting my very own "It's Ok Friday".

Its Ok Thursdays

Tonight I will be changing into my pajamas when I get home, cuddling my two boys, watching movies, eating horribly (because unfortunately that's what I do when I'm down in the dumps), and maybe even having a good cry....but it's OK.
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I in no way take for granted all of the good things I have going for me, and the beautiful life I already have, but sometimes that little ego shot of "why aren't I good enough for that job?, takes a toll on you - and the only cure for it is some cookie dough!

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