Thursday, June 21, 2012

Tutorial - DIY Cork Wall Art

I'm doing my FIRST Guest post!
 I couldn't have picked anyone better to host for.
Head on over to Leigh-Ellen's page at Little Waterlily, Big Pond and check out this tutorial.

(Plus, you have to drink wine to collect the corks...sounds like a win win to me!)

 Also, there is a discount code for the Shoppe on her page as well. Stay tuned, plenty of new summer designs to hit the shoppe soon!

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  1. Saw your guest post and stopped by. The letters are super cute! I'm a big fan of wine, so my friends and I may have to have a few fun nights so that I can make some of these. Thanks for sharing! Also, your headbands are super cute!

    Allena Mistral

  2. So neat! Will check the tutorial out:)


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