Friday, May 25, 2012

{Five for Friday}

Today I am linking up with Lauren over at "From my Grey Desk" for her "High Five for Friday" 

One - Days off From Work!

Originally I had my day jam packed with things to do that I normally don't have the chance to do while I'm at work...yet here it is, nearly 11am and I am still in pajamas {and loving it!}
Today is the first day that I can remember that  my husband and I have a day off together. And so far, the day has been perfect.

Two - Coffee - with SOY Creamer

I just recently cut out all dairy from my diet - easier said than done! But one thing I did not want to have to give up was my morning coffee. I found Soy Creamer - and LOVED it....I may have to give up grilled cheese sandwiches and pizza, but at least I still get my morning treat!

Three - This Video

Nothing can brighten my day like this little video. 
This girl is precious, and she has some pretty great moves too!

FOUR - Giveaways and the How-To's of Blogging Series!

Melissa over at The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife was one of the first girls I connected with when starting the blog. She has helped us out with so many things - and now we are taking part in a giveaway over on her page for your chance to win $15 shop credit!
Also, right now - you can enter the code "2SHADESFEESHIP" for free shipping!

Also, starting next Monday - Melissa and I are hosting a blog series "The How-To's of Blogging" - a fun series dedicated to those both new and established in the blog world, full of tutorials, guest posts, and helpful tips on the journey of having a successful blog! There is also a very special giveaway - so stay tuned!

FIVE - My first Birch Box
Source - I was too excited, I wasn't able to snap pictures of my actual BirchBox

My first Birch Box arrived in the mail earlier this week {that west coast lag is a killer....I've been so jealous reading about everyone's  goodies!} I'm excited to give everything in it a try. I tend to stick to my "staple" everyday beauty products, so trying something new might be exciting! I plan on doing a review of my goodies, so be sure to keep checking back!



  1. I love the PJs....they are super cute!!

  2. I love the video so cute, my three year old also loves the song, she however makes up her own words its pretty funny!

    1. Isn't it? She is just too cute for words. My son has the robot dance moves down but that's it for now haha.

  3. I am NOT ready to cut out dairy from my diet (I love cheese too much), but I have tried to cut back my milk intake. I started using almond milk in my coffee and it does just the trick! I do enjoy Trader Joe's soy creamer though.

    Last month was my first Birchbox too! I'm going to give it another couple to see if I want to stick with it...

    1. I had to cut dairy out (sadly) due to some pretty crazy allergies. But you know, once I did I have felt So much better. I'm not going to lie though, I sure miss cheese covered....well everything! You're right though, almond milk is pretty dang good!

      It was my first month too - I'm in the same boat as you...we'll see how it goes!


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